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About the Pottery


It is somehow fitting that a potter who uses traditional methods that have changed little over the centuries should work and live within the ancient landscape of one of Wiltshire’s iconic White Horse hills. Local man Trevor Pictor has worked at White Horse Pottery in Westbury for over 20 years and it has been his family home since 2002. He learn’t his craft at the Pottery under Stephen Humm until starting to work there independently in 2001.

On entering the Pottery, which is housed in a fine Victorian former school building, you are immediately struck by the stunning green, blue and cream glazes which were created by Stephen Humm and are unique to White Horse Pottery. Trevor works with red earthenware clay and everything is hand thrown on the potter’s wheel. You will find a wide range of tableware, as well as pots of all sizes for the garden, vases, lamps and wall tiles. Trevor also undertakes commissions and produces commemorative items by special arrangement.

While admitting that being a potter is physically demanding, especially on a cold winter’s morning, Trevor says ‘I never tire of seeing the transformation of a hard lump of clay into an individual item with its own character and uses. There are times when I feel guilty about enjoying my work so much!’.

Take a viritual tour of our website to discover more of what’s on offer from White Horse Pottery, and if you are in Wiltshire, come and find us! You are very welcome to visit our living, working pottery.

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